Pop-up Book Art

Susan Mc Ateer

At a party in my final year of undergrad I was explaining to a classmate what my dissertation was about. I told him that I was looking at pop art and consumerism, and we had a stunted conversation about pop art until I realised he thought I meant pop-up books. He thought that I was going to write 10,000 words on pop-up books. It feels like that topic might not out of the question looking at Tauba Auberbach’s latest work, (2,3). The pages of this large book open to reveal beautiful, min-bending objects and configurations which make it feel like an Escher print has jumped out from between the sheets. Check out the really satisfying film shot by Director Sam Fleischner where we get an inside look:

P.S: If you're disappointed that Iggy Pop did not actually feature in this post and I just did a cheap play on his name, that's a reasonable reaction. To make up for it check out Iggy's instagram for his cockatoo @biggypop