Scéal is taken from the old Irish term ‘scél’. A noun, it means: a story, tale, news, information, tidings or report.

Pronunciation?  If you’re Irish, you’ll likely know the drill. If you’re Australian (or something else) just say shh-kale really quickly.


The scéal began over a friends late arrival to dinner, a free basket of bread and a carafe of house white.

This is a lobby dedicated to the loopy, unique and tangled stories of ideas and objects that have inspired or interested us.

We gather our topics like 19th century gold diggers - scouring the worlds of fashion, art, culture and food with our gold pans, shaking them about, throwing out the scraps and obsessing over the preciouses at the bottom.

We’re not presenting the whole picture, but everything has to start from the bottom, and we’re just trying to figure out how it and its whole team got here.